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The design is strongly linked to today's economic and social conditions. People want to hide wealth in this environment, so there's a growing trend for stealth watch. We are Italians, and beauty is our obsession. For example, in German design, function follows form, whereas for Italians, beauty follows function. Combining titanium with the Octo Finissimo shape was the perfect challenge for us. Octo is best when it's multi-layered with 3D execution, so if Finissimo wasn't created correctly the bezel would have no double layer. We love the combination of Italian craftsmanship and technology. "This is the point."

Vincent Reynes is the Managing Director of Replica Watches UK. He says that there are other markets where the Italian factor appeals. He says that the Italian-inspired feel of watch buying makes it a sexy experience. IWC Portofino Replicais loved by all who enter our Peter Marino designed London store. The brand speaks to everyone, creating an emotional connection through elements and touches from the 1960s. We represent the Dolce Vita crowd and the Roman way of life, so coolness is part of our DNA. "Our style is bold, creative and unconventional. A IWC Portofino Replicawatch requires personality and daring."

Buonamassa makes it clear that the Octo case has a strong connection to Rome's architecture. When you look at the Pantheonyou can see different forms - triangular, square, dome. The same elements are also present in the Palazzo deiCongressi, which Mussolini constructed for the Universal Exposition. This is a modern version of the Pantheon. From the front, you get the same impression as you would at the Pantheon. Butasyouwalkaround it, the shape changes - thisisItalianrationalism, wherethe architect plays only withshape withoutusing anydecorative elements.

"This is the inspiration. You see an Octo as a round shape with another shape inside - the same as the Palazzo dei Congressi. It's not a square,Replica Rolex Datejust but it is sort of like a square. It's also a kind of octagon. You have a round form with an octagonal component.

The shape is pure and clean. You can see the Octo steps on the side of the watch. This is what makes it a Roman design.

Rome is a city unlike any other. It's stylish, exciting and daring, as well as heart-breakingly gorgeous. Where better to draw inspiration from? Finissimo Automatic with titanium bracelet is a watch that evolves and changes every time. It could be the best example of the Octo. This miniature architectural masterpiece, which takes its inspiration from the mother city of IWC Portofino Replica, may be seen by some as a square-peg, but this could actually be a good thing, because as IWC Portofino Replica’s motto reminds us, "Life isn't round."