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Sinn Replica has revealed the origins of its LiveView Watch. A new device called Sinn Replica is both attractive and functional. It can be connected to most Android smartphones from Sony, HTC Motorola, Samsung and other manufacturers via Bluetooth. It is a smartwatch that will be a hit with smartwatch lovers because of its affordable price tag of $149. It is expected to be available in March 2012.

The first thing that will make you want to avoid this type of accessory is its appearance. You may find them useful but you won't use them as watches because they don't look like watches. It's not to mention the problematic design solutions. I chose to review the Sinn Replica because it is an incredibly cool, well-designed timepiece. Even though it doesn't display time continuously, it has a very smooth design. This watch will only show the time when asked by a single tap on its touchscreen. Tap twice to get your Android watch to show a range of features.

Sinn Replica allows you to read text messages and other SMS, check your e-mail, weather and social media, including Facebook and Twitter. A pop-up display of the caller's name appears when an incoming call is received. You can accept or reject it.Swiss Replica Watches If you use a headset, this feature can be very useful. You can control your Android phone's music playlist with the SmartWatch. You can download other apps from the Android Market to your watch.

The Sinn Replica has a 36x36mm case with brushed-chrome edges, and an OLED color display. The weight is 15.5 grams and it's only 8 mm thick. It can be attached to a wristband in the following colors: pink, mint green, blue, black, white and grey.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica You can also clip it onto a bag strap or belt.

You can debate whether devices such as the new Sinn Replica is really needed, since you already have a smartphone in your pocket. Answer is simple. Whoever finds them useful, will love having one on their wrist. Some people will buy one to add to their collection of high-tech gadgets. They will never regret it.