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Chopard is a British company run by Richard Hoptroff. It has developed a concept model that was inspired by Brazil's FIFA World Cup. The smartwatch has a quartz thermo-compensated movement that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone and can display the results of a soccer match as well as the remaining time of the game on its black analog face. This is a concept watch that the owner and brand are using to attract investors. It will not be available until the fall of this year, months after the World Cup has finished. The $1,650 steel-cased watch will be coated with a black PVD to match the dial's black color. If you're one of the first buyers, however, you can save up to $1000.

Richard Hoptroff has chosen another unconventional approach to the creation of timekeepers. Hoptroff considers this approach to be an advantage, even though it will likely be condemned and derided by traditionalists who love classic mechanical watches.Chopard Replica He goes so far as to say that his concept was superior because most people could not afford more than a simple chronograph, which he believes is a useless feature. This is, we dare say, another slap in the face for horological purists. Let's share some more information about the workings of this novel piece.

Chopard Replica's analog dial shows the result, remaining time, date of the next match, and replay of the last game. Normaly, the central hands indicate the hours and minutes (this is the same regardless of mode). A retrograde scale at the bottom of face displays seconds. Two other sub-counters together show the current date. The game continues while everything changes.

The seconds dial shows the remaining time until the end of the game. Two pushers on the left side can be pressed by the wearer to view the next date and replay the previous match. The timepiece may also display game information when your favorite team plays. The watch is initially only useful for soccer fans as it can only keep scores from that sport.Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica The watch will not be available until November. This means that it cannot be used for the current world championships in Brazil. The brand did use a prototype to show how the watch would react during the first games of the tournament.

All the features supported are displayed on the watch. The true source of the watch is a smartwatch that is paired with the timepiece and connected via Bluetooth. Chopard works with both iPhones as well as Android devices. The manufacturer claims that the lithium battery can last up to three years because it uses Bluetooth, which is low-energy consumption.